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The remarkable Bua Saddle

Combining all that is best in design, leading edge technology and uncompromising craftsmanship.

Introducing the Bua saddle, bringing the saddle into the 21st century to accommodate the needs of the modern rider & horse. The revolutionary and award winning innovative Bua saddle pushes the boundaries in modern saddle design with its patented cantilevered tree and use of modern day technical materials, as seen in aerospace production.

A design revolution

Martin Ryan, designer of the award winning Bua saddle, saw the common issues that arose from the traditional, single tree design of equestrian saddles, and sought to design a new saddle concept that would allow for a more comfortable and harmonious connection between horse and rider.

 After much designing, testing, and endless hours tucked away in the University of College Dublin’s Veterinary library researching the anatomy and biomechanics of the horse and its natural movement, the cantilevered tree prototype was created. Almost a two tree design, the cantilevered tree is designed to accommodate the different movements of a rider and horse, therefore creating a better connection, while allowing for the pressure to be more evenly distributed with less concussion on the horse’s back to a traditional saddle tree.

bua new zealand lightweight saddle

What defines the Bua Saddle?



The Bua Saddle uses lightweight materials found in aerospace and automotive industries and weighs just 4.1kg.


High Comfort

Comfort affects the performance in equestrian sports. The Bua Saddle allows horse and rider to move freely and effortlessly through their full range of motion in all gaits.


Versatile Fit

The cantilevered tree is flexible yet incredibly strong allowing it to conform to the movement of the horse while supporting the rider in a balanced position. Its flexibility and interchangeable panels allow one saddle to fit a range of sport horses.

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