The Bua Saddle

The ongoing scenario of buying a well-fitting saddle for horses that are growing or do not remain static in their weight can be a nightmare. I am sure most of us have experienced this, and found it disheartening, frustrating, and expensive!

The benefits that a correctly fitting saddle has for the horse and rider are numerous. For example, a correctly fitting saddle prevents muscle wastage, minimizes bad behaviour, and gives the horse freedom within their movement and flexion. This in turn allows the horse to develop a correct jump style over a fence as the horse’s back is free to move.
The revolutionary Bua saddle offers freedom of movement in the shoulder as it doesn’t have forks that can push into the scapular. It has a very wide channel that widens or narrows depending on the individual horse. This is made possible by the back panels. The Bua saddle, therefore, can fit a wide variety of horses.

The most exciting thing about the Bua is the cantilevered seat. This spreads the weight so evenly over the horse’s back and eliminates so much of the rider’s centrifugal forces that a conventional saddle cannot do.

I love my Bua saddle! My husband and I are proud owners of two beautiful English leather performance saddles. We are so excited to be bringing them to New Zealand.

The Bua saddle makes me feel so connected, and “at one” with my 3 horses. I feel very stable on top, but also have a great freedom of movement.

Get in touch with us to try a Bua Saddle. You won’t regret it!