My BUA’s Carbon Fibre Tree is put to the test!

Wow, it has been a mad couple of years in regards to Covid lock downs and restrictions to our lives. No wonder our equestrian events have taken a back seat! I do hope that you have got through this time with little effect on your lives!
I myself had an accident around 12 weeks ago while riding my horse in the forest. He was pulled off balance by a lead horse, and rolled down what felt like a cliff. My horse landed on me breaking my Femur in several places. I have had two reconstructive surgeries and now feel I am on the way to recovery. The surgeon says this will take a whole year!
The reason I am writing this blog post is to emphasize how strong and robust the BUA saddle is! After being rolled over, the BUA I was riding in that day is totally unmarked, and structurally as sound as the day I purchased it. The great thing about the this saddle is it can be easily pulled apart and checked over – no need to send your saddle to the saddler for a tree check. I am thankful for the incredible design and strength of the carbon fibre structure. I have added photos of my saddle, that has been pulled apart, for you all to see.
I hope you all have a great end to Autumn! It is a great time for my fellow hunters, we all love the winter.