Review from Amber

I had a wonderful ride with this lovely lady Amber on Thursday. She has been down in Wellington working for the past year. I asked her if she could give me a review on the Bua, as it has been so long since she has sat in a saddle. This is what she sent me.

Amber reviews the BUA Saddle

I rode in Carmen's Bua saddle after over a year off riding and it was the best, most comfortable saddle I've ever sat in. I didn't even have any jodhpurs to ride in, yet had no rubbing or discomfort during a good fast paced slippery ride up and down dirt clay tracks. The best part was even though my riding muscles weren't as strong as they use to be, I could tell I wasn't causing any annoyance or discomfort to the horse as the saddle absorbed all the shock from my seat and stayed perfectly fitted to the horse the whole time. The next day I wasn't even that sore! The Bua has definitely ruined other saddles for me, and I am so glad there's a saddle that prioritizes the horses comfort and function foremost.

Thank you Amber for your review!